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Himalayan Bath Salts & Scrubs Crystal Bath Bar Unscented


Crystal Salt Bar
100% Pure Salt Crystal
for Bath and Massage

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Himalayan Bath Salts & Scrubs Crystal Bath Bar Unscented 9 oz

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Weight9 oz


100% Pure Salt Crystal


Move the Salt Bar between your wet hands as if it were a regular soap bar ,
dissolving some salt onto your hands. Spread the salt solution over your body
with your hands. CAUTION: Avoid rubbing the Crystal Salt Bar directly over your
body , since the bar may have some rough spots.
Between uses , keep your Crystal Salt Bar in a dry place. To avoid stains , never
place it on any delicate , absorbing surface.

Supplement Facts

The minerals and trace elements in the Himalayan Crystal salt will revitalize
your skin. This salt also acts as a natural deodorant because of its
anti-bacterial properties.
Himalayan Crystal Salt is naturally rich in minerals , which give the salt its
pinkish orange color.
300 million years ago , a vast ocean covered the area that became the Himalayan
mountain range. The salt from that ocean was preserved as large crystal
formations , which now yield the purest salt on earth.


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