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Earth Solutions Scent Inhalers Mood Lift


Earth Solutions
Mood Lift
Affirmation Inhaler
With Pure Essential Oils

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Scent Inhalers Mood Lift

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Weight3 oz


Premium essential oils plus jojoba. Plant derived – All natural.


Open inhaler , inhale and repeat our positive affirmation. Keep cap closed
between use.

Supplement Facts

According to the Law of Attraction , by remaining confident and focused on a
positive thought , one is better able to attain his or her goals. Use the
Aromatheraphy Affirmation Inhaler with the affirmation below to manage your
habits , health and desires.
Petigrain: Lifts the spirit
Rose: Reduces grief and sadness
Chamomile: Stabilizes mood , eases irritability
Basil: Clears mental fatique
Black Pepper: Resolves anger and worry
“As I breathe in petigrain , chamomile , rose and pepper , I am reminded that I
can choose to be joyful and maintain a positive attitude throughout the day.”