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Earth Solutions Scent Inhalers Attraction


Earth solutions
With Pure Essential Oils

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The essential oils used in this Attraction Scent Inhaler were chosen
specifically for their benefits in improving ones self confidence , sex appeal
and attraction towards others.
Cinnamon: Mild aphrodesiac
Clary Sage: Helps dreams become reality
Patchouli: Brings pleasure and delight
Lavender: Comforts emotions of the heart
Ginger: Builds courage and desire
By focusing on a positive thought or affirmation , as you inhale the scent , you
will achieve even greater results from your Scent Inhaler by creating a memory
association between the affirmation and the aroma. This provides a classic
aromatherapy effect.
As I breathe cinnamon , clary sage , patchouli and lavender , I am reminded that I
love myself for who I am and with an open heart leave space for another to enter
my world

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Weight3 oz


Premium Essential Oils plus Jojoba
Plant Derived~100% Natural


Open inhaler , close your eyes and mouth , inhale and repeat your affirmation.
Close cap between each use to maintain freshness.


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