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Auroshikha Cylindrical (3/4 in x 2-3/4 in)(2 cm) Flower Candles Eucalyptus


Perfumed Candles
with natural flowers

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Cylindrical (3\/4 in x 2-3\/4 in)(2 cm) Flower Candles Eucalyptus

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Weight5 oz


Small cylinder aprox. 3″ tall. Hand-crafted in India using quality essential
oils and natural dried flowers and leaves.


Place lit candle in an upright position on plate or other nonflammable surface.
Protect from wind and keep the wick trimmed to approximately 1 cm. for even
burning. Allow a new candle to burn until the top is filled with wax , this will
prevent the formation of a wall. In case a wall forms this can be gently pressed
in towards the centre of the candle. Occasionally a flower may flare-up when it
reaches the flame. This effect can be enjoyed safely if the candle is kept away
from anything flammable. Keep out of reach of children. Take care not to spill
hot wax.

Supplement Facts

Perfumed Candles with natural flowers.


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